color, palette, paint- house paintnig drywall

Revitalize Your Home with Expert Painting services!

Discover the difference with Triforce Painting Solution in Dallas Texas

color, palette, paint- house paintnig drywall

Revitalize Your Home with Expert Painting services!

Discover the difference with Triforce Painting Solution in Dallas Texas

Triforce Painting Solutions

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Redefine your space with our premium painting services.

Dive into a world where colors bring life to your walls. Exceptional quality, enduring results, and a touch of creativity in every stroke!


Dallas Exterior Painting Services

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Dallas home exterior painting services

House Painting Triforce brings a fresh, protected new look to your home.

Dallas house painting exterior services

Discover your exterior house painting cost easy, contact us for the details

 Ready to give your home a stunning makeover?

Our Dallas exterior painting services are just what you need, house painting triforce offers a fresh, protected new look for your home, with our exterior painting services, let’s talk and get you a free estimate today. Your dream home is just a paint job away.

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Exterior Painting Cost

House Exterior Painting Services

Basic Labor Package
$ 1
Labor cost per sq ft
  • Basic labor to paint 1500sq ft of a house exterior in Dallas Texas
  • Prep includes - remove loose paint, spot prime, and caulk edges and gaps.
  • Spray exterior paint on 1500 sq ft of house
Exterior House Painting Cost

Exterior House Painting Cost

Average Painting Cost in Dallas Texas area ranges:

Single-story home (1500 sq ft): $1500–$3500
Two-story home (2500 sq ft): $2500–$5500

Siding Rot replacement

Cost to repair and paint siding and trim replaced

  • Price increases by the size of the repair needed

Siding Repair and Installation

House siding repair

  •  Exterior Painting cost and house siding repairs starts from $200.

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Home upkeep is a matter of vital importance to every home owner. This for two major reasons:

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It makes your home a place where life is worth the living.

It protects the investment of three, five, ten, twenty-five, thousand dollars, or more; good money which needs protection as much as money put into a bank.

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comprehensive exterior home services, covering everything from your home's facade to deck and fencing.

Find out 2024 Best Exterior Paint

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Exterior painting stress-free and affordable:

Dallas House Cost-Saving Solutions:

Painting exterior door

Welcome guests with a front door that makes a lasting impression

entry way front door painting exterior door service
Make a statement from the moment they arrive — elevate your front door with our professional touch!

Get home repairs near me

Integrate Hardie Board Siding Repairs to ensure a cohesive and uniform appearance, maintaining the aesthetic integrity of your home.

exterior painting services projects in dallas

Ready to give your home the care it deserves?

Specializes in Hardie board siding repairs and transformative upgrades

Painting Triforce In Dallas Texas,

Schedule your Exterior repair painting service today.

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