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Expanding the Lobby


Expanding the lobby was the project goal for this dance hall in Garland, Texas.


ready to give your walls a fresh, polished look. We start by carefully measuring your new wall and then expertly remove old drywall before adding pristine panels.

Our approach is straightforward, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish.

Expanding the lobby space

Interior remodeling project to expand the lobby space in a dance studio

collage of lobby expansion and interior drywall work

Efficiency is our hallmark—

Picture this: tearing down a wall,

Creating room for more people, and custom-fitting a front desk right into the walls. quick and precise work that ensures minimal disruption to your space.
When it comes to adapting your surroundings, our process is simple yet effective.
We start by measuring the new wall, then swiftly remove drywall to make room for your vision. The magic happens when we expertly add new drywall panels, creating a refreshed and functional space.

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Drywall Framing and Painting Services

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