Accent wall paint ideas for your house

Accent wall paint ideas for your house

Painting an interior wall is fairly easy, but when its an accent wall that is being painted, difficulty increases, because of the extra steps it requires for a successful accent wall painting project

Although, the following pictures differ in style, and colors, the technique I used to paint the ideas into the accent walls was very similar. for each of the patterns painted.

tools and material items to paint your walls into accent walls.

Painters tape and plastic is top in material list after the actual paint

Grab some wall bondo, I like to use quick-set joint compound mud(plaster) or wood filler,

quick set works best. but you gotta pick up the pace as you only get maybe half an hour of time before your drywall mud/bondo hardens

Painting Lines With Tape on accent wall paint ideas

First make sure you have the colors desired for painting your accent walls

Second, you want to do a sketch up of your accent wall idea and make a rough drawing of how you want your pattern to be on your accent wall.

  • bedrooms accented with multiple colors

media room painted in black

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