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estimate post it note pad

Custom Post it Notes Pad Sticky

Get our custom post it notes pad today and start managing customer requests with ease. Stay organized, improve your workflow, and focus on winning bids with this simple yet effective tool.

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tHESE pOST IT NOTE PADS are just EASY TO USE AND AN easy solution to keeping track of BILLING, requests

Blank Estimate styled post it note pad sheets make it simple

estimate post it notes

Quick Estimate Sheet Notes
by PaintingTriforce

Size: Post-it® Notes 4″ x 6″

When your mind is brimming with to-dos, keep it together with a pad of custom 3M Post-it® Notes. Jot down customer requests while you are at the bidding site. Each 4″x6″ pad comes with 50 sticky notes printed in full color with your graphics, text, or photos. If Post-it® Notes are going to be on your desk anyway, they might as well be creatively personal.

  • Authentic 3M Post-it® Notes
  • Dimensions: 4″ x 6″ (Adhesive side: 4″ edge)
  • Printed in full color on 50-sheet white Post-it® Notes paper
  • Buy in bulk and save
estimate post it note pad mock up of product

how these custom post it notes work:

  1. you ca write Down Requests: Quickly jot down customer requests and any important details as soon as you receive them on these handy custom post it notes
  2. Stick Notes Where You Need Them: Place notes in visible locations to keep critical information front and center.
  3. Organize and Prioritize: Use different colors to categorize requests by urgency or project type.
  4. Update and Manage: Move notes around as needed to reflect the status of each request, ensuring you stay on top of every detail.

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